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Ending a Chapter, Starting Another

Posted by Thomas Gideon on 2021-11-20 15:26

An update about Quiet Scheme is long overdue. The short version is we have set aside our original idea of a tap room focused commercial brewery. I still have a lot I want to do in brewing, most of which doesn't require a commercial license. I was fortunate enough to end up building my dream pilot brewery, more or less. I have continued to practice my craft and my passion. I will continue brewing, now with more of a focus on sharing rather than selling.


Postponing Construction

Posted by Thomas Gideon on 2020-04-16 14:00

During this crisis, I have been looking for silver linings as a one way to cope. We all know how hard things are for everyone. Each week that passes, things only seem to get harder. Outside of staying up to date on any new guidance on how to remain safe, dwelling on what we cannot change doesn't profit. Spotting unlooked for benefits helps lift my mood. I am eating better, without access to the catered lunches at my day job, for instance. I should start a hashtag, #covidsilverlining, I honestly cannot remember the half dozen or so I've come up with so far.


A Logo, A Blog, and A Site Refresh

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Posted by Thomas Gideon on 2020-03-08 17:00

A new logo, a new blog, and starting to overhaul the web site.