Sample beer label with a green border and text reading, A Beer of Peculiar Character

Updated 2021-01-24

You can find pages for each of my beers here. On each page I will try to share my thoughts on the inspirations for my beers, their names, some notes on their evolution as I tinker with the recipes, and any social media updates or pictures I've shared about them.

All of my beers are on Untappd, please check in if I've managed to share a bottle with you or you received or sample one through a friend of mine.

Here are some groupings of the different beers I make to understand a few ways I think about them.


I definitely try to observe some sense of seasonality, with lighter and more refreshing beers in the warmers months and more substantial and hearty beers in the colder months. I also do some annual one off brews, usually right at the start of the year.

Year Round





One Time

Dark Cloud Pilot Batches


My current inspiration are historic British beers. Even within that realm, there are a wide variety of tastes to explore, more than I think most people realize. For those not as familiar with my beers, I thought I would also try to organize them by some sense of flavor.





Retired or On Hiatus

As my set of recipes has grown, there are some beers I have retired or taken out of rotation for the time being.

"Can I Buy Your Beer?"

I am flattered by how often I get this question. I am exclusively a home brewer, making batches five gallons at a time in my home. Without a license, it is illegal for me to sell my beer. There are nanobreweries, effectively licensed home brewers. Thinking is mixed on whether they are viable. Common wisdom suggests a minimum size for a going brewery is out of the reach of your typical home brewing setup. Trying to produce sufficient volume overall five or ten gallons at a time is not likely going to work. Scaling to 7 barrels or more represents a considerable gap in practical knowledge as well as capital expense for gear and operating expense for materials and space.

I may one day open a commercial brewer, though it is far from certain. I am pretty happy as a home brewer and there is still so much for me to learn.

What you can do is receive beer from me as a gift. Contact me directly if interested to learn more. I do ship beer around the US to friends though any help with the costs related to shipping is greatly appreciated. Dedicated 2 bottle shippers cost me about $7 and I have to order at least five shippers at a go. Shipping varies between $15 to $20 depending on where the "liquid yeast samples" are going.