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I am embracing Quiet Scheme as the singular brand for all my beer efforts. You can read more about that in an earlier post. In addition to sharing beer related updates and projects here rather than on Of A Peculiar Character, I have started moving content I want to keep to this site.

A label for Rambling Digression that has the Quiet Scheme logo and text where Beers of a Peculiar Character used to be on older labels

The first content I have moved is the set of all my beer pages. For most of the beers I've made, I have written up one or more pages. I included the label, backstory, recipes, and logs for each. I have tried to preserve the same slugs for all of the pages so that links can be rewritten by only replacing the hostname in the URL.

I have already re-designed my beer labels to reflect the change in my brewery's name. I also had to change them because I lost my incredibly cheap access to high quality, mass printing. For now, I am printing labels for bottles and cans on a new color inkjet, four at a time.

You can already see I will have to update the URL at the bottom of the label. I was going to drop the QR code, I may update it instead. When I started using the codes, they were not popular. That has clearly changed, of necessity if not out of interest.

I am still deciding what other content I want to port over. I am leaning towards creating archive pages for the Dialogues of a Peculiar Character podcast. Wow, that was a mouthful--what was I thinking? I enjoyed the project and consider it done. I set out what I wanted to accomplish at the time. I haven't decided if Quiet Scheme will include a podcast or not. I think for now I want to get better at habitually writing and to figure out how I want to use the social profiles.

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Posted by Thomas Gideon on 2021-11-30 14:14